Want to Get Pregnant? Maybe Start With a Fertility Massage

If you’re looking to improve your chances of conception but don’t necessarily want to make some drastic changes yet, a fertility massage may be just what you need to jump-start things.

How Does a Fertility Massage Work?

There seems to be a spectrum of fertility when it comes to conceiving a child. Some women get pregnant right away, but it may take some time and lifestyle changes for others to be successful.

A fertility massage session is a great way to start naturally promoting your ability to get pregnant. Some clients even get fertility massage alongside other fertility treatments, such as “in vitro fertilization” (IVF). This type of massage does this through a few simple, yet effective ways:

Deep abdomen and pelvic massage to break up adhesions, which improves blood flow and function

Castor oil packs to decongest reproductive organs, along with more adhesion work

Reflexology focused on trigger points to help stimulate reproductive areas

Specific aromatherapy to regulate hormones and improve relaxation

…Reproductive Areas?

It’s not as weird as it sounds. What we mean when referring to reproductive organs/areas is the general lower abdomen and certain trigger points that can promote reproductive function. The experience of a fertility massage is very relaxing, just as any massage should be.

The Spiritual Side of Things

Some therapists who specialize in some sort of fertility massage incorporate things like conscious conception, good “chi”, and sending positive thoughts to your reproductive channel.

None of this is going to negatively impact your chances of conception, but there is just no real way to study the effectiveness of these alternative techniques. I’m also not trash talking the spiritual side of things, but some of this stuff can be shocking to somebody who isn’t familiar with “energy work”.

So Does Fertility Massage Really Work?

I’ll start by saying that many people who had trouble conceiving swear that fertility massage attributed to their success. Of course, keep in mind that some people seeking to improve fertility are also trying other methods along with fertility massage.

Unfortunately, the studies are few (if any) that say fertility massage treatment was strictly the cause of conception. With that said, the relaxation and improved blood/muscle motility will without a doubt help your body with conception. There’s no study that says otherwise.