Nervous About Your First Massage?

So you finally scheduled that massage you’ve been wanting for so long, but you’re not quite sure what to expect. No problem – let’s go over what your massage therapist will do during your massage session.

Before Your Massage

In a study involving 90 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee, Birjand University of Medical Sciences found that the pain severity of the patients went down significantly after their initial massage with lavender oil. They also measured the patients pain again at the 1 week mark which also had promising results for relief.

Overall, the study concluded that massage with lavender oil was indeed an effective form of pain relief for patients with osteoarthritis.

Before Your Massage

You’ll more than likely need to fill out a health intake form so your massage therapist knows your overall health condition and why you’re getting a massage. Depending on your specific health factors, your therapist may talk to you about certain massage techniques that will fit your needs.

Getting on the Table

Your therapist will show you to the room where you’ll be getting your massage. At this point, your therapist will leave the room as you remove as much clothing as you’re comfortable with. Now you can get on the very cozy massage table and cover yourself with the towel or sheet. Your therapist may knock on the door to see if you’re ready, or you can just let them know.

During Your Massage

Your therapist will ask you if you’re comfortable with your current position, temperature of the room/table, and ambience. Now the actual massage will begin according to your preferences and what kind of technique you’ve discussed with your therapist. While your therapist will ask you about massage pressure, never hesitate to inform them about any discomfort during the massage.

Again, depending on the areas you want worked on, your therapist may ask you to re-position in order to provide the best technique. When your massage has ended, your therapist will leave the room so you may take your time getting dressed.


Normally, the payment will be handled after your massage at a reception desk. They’ll almost certainly ask you if you’d like to schedule another appointment at a future time. Since massage therapy has the best results when done regularly, rescheduling is a great idea for a lot of clients. If you really enjoyed your massage, ask about any special deals or massage packages that could save you money later on.