The Most Popular Holiday Present is No Surprise

We’re close to some of the biggest spending days of the year, so let’s see what the most popular gift is and why a massage studio even cares.

What Is The Most Popular Gift?

The most popular holiday gift is a gift card, of course!

According to the National Retail Federation, 61% of requested gifts are indeed just gift cards. It’s no surprise either because gift cards are convenient and thoughtful presents.

Why The Massage Industry Cares

Our massage studio has been open for almost 10 years and we’ve helped thousands of clients with therapeutic massage. Like many massage studios, we sell a lot of gift cards especially around the holiday season. The one trend we’ve noticed is that most clients that used a gift card were the least likely to come get a massage otherwise.

Normally when you think of getting a gift card for somebody, you think of stores they shop at all the time and choose accordingly. The interesting thing with massage gift cards is the buyer is truly trying to gift a person with relaxation and wellness, which some people forget about.

The Gift of Wellness

A lot of people forget to be well to themselves, especially around the holiday season. It’s mostly about running around shopping, buying things, and getting things.

If you know somebody that could benefit from getting a relaxing massage, it’s likely that getting a massage is the last thing on their mind. This is why a massage gift card can really bring a smile to somebody who’s never gotten a massage or infrequently does so.

Black Friday Massage Gift Cards

So maybe I’ve convinced you that a gift card to a massage studio can be a stellar gift to a friend or loved one, but what about the cost? My suggestion is to wait for Black Friday shopping as a lot of massage studios will likely run their biggest gift card discounts of the year.

For instance on this upcoming Black Friday on 11/29/2019, our massage studio will also do a whopping 20% discount on $100+ massage gift cards. So keep your eyes peeled for a good massage gift card deal and make somebody’s day!