What You Should Know About Massage and Miscarriages

While on your journey with pregnancy, there are plenty of things you can do to make it a great experience. Unfortunately when it comes to massage therapy, there’s a mutual fear that’s plaguing the industry.

Causes of a Miscarriage

The only real known causes of miscarriage are issues with the cervix, hormones, or chromosomes. There are some other suspect causes of miscarriage such as stress and poor lifestyle choices, but even with all of this in mind, miscarriages are unfortunately common. Depending on what study or survey you go off of, the odds of miscarriage during pregnancy are about 1 in 4 with an estimated 85% of those occurring during the first trimester.

Massage Therapists Fear Pregnancy

Notice that none of the known causes above have anything to do with massage therapy. So why is there this fear from massage therapists to perform a perfectly safe prenatal massage, especially during the first trimester? It’s all because of the statistics. Miscarriages are so common during the first trimester that massage therapy establishments simply don’t want to deal with a potential lawsuit.

It sounds harsh to deny a pregnant woman a prenatal massage session that could so greatly improve her pregnancy, but business is business, especially with larger massage franchises. It’s odd to think that some of the suspected causes of a miscarriage (such as stress) can be alleviated with a prenatal massage, yet some massage establishments would rather miss out entirely because they’re scared of legal trouble.

The Truth About Prenatal Massage

You can get a massage at any point during your pregnancy, even during labor!

First trimester massage fears are simply based on normal miscarriage statistics and liability

There are plenty of special pillows in prenatal massage clinics to get you in comfortable positions

The “foot rub causes miscarriage” thing is widely disputed and regarded as safe

Enough Bummer Talk, Get a Massage!

Prenatal massage is so important for managing your comfort and stress, which you’ll more than likely experience. When searching for a massage therapist that specializes in prenatal massage, there are few things you should know.

Ask if a particular massage therapist has a lot of experience in doing prenatal massage or has any additional pregnancy oriented education. Make sure the massage establishment has proper pillows and equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable prenatal massage experience. If you find a massage clinic that is confident with all of these things, you’ll have no problem getting a prenatal massage, even in your first trimester.