Rubbing CBD Oil On Yourself: Good or Bad Idea?

We roll with the punches at our massage studio, so when clients start wanting CBD oil involved in their massages, we make it happen. But was it worth it?

Does Topical CBD Actually Get Absorbed?

Well, sort of. It’s not going to get into your bloodstream just by rubbing it on. You would need some sort of transdermal delivery system, but at that point you should just be consuming it orally if that’s your objective.

What does happen though when you slather enough CBD onto your skin, it can seep into your pores. This is enough to interact with your cannabinoid receptors, which is where things start to get interesting.

What are the Topical CBD Benefits?

This is a rather new topic and studies are slim, but we do know that CBD is a pretty powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. These two properties alone are being linked to improving a handful of skin conditions like dry skin, but also things like psoriasis.

So What is a CBD Massage Like?

Like any massage, the goal is to have the client be as relaxed as possible in order to perform effective bodywork. With this in mind, we went straight for the gold and got a high potency CBD massage oil (50mg per dose) to offer as an add-on option for massage sessions.

What we’re hoping to achieve with the topical CBD add-on is an even more relaxed experience, especially during recovery of a particularly intense massage session. Your skin is sensitive and a lot of massage can be rough on it sometimes, so we’re really looking for topical CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits.

So Does CBD Work? I Want Proof!

We really can’t say for sure. The studies that have been done have been small and personal experience can be anecdotal. Most of our clients simply say they like the CBD add-on, but others swear it works wonders. If you’re even slightly curious, give topical CBD a try.