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30 Minute Massage

  • Great for First Massage
  • Targets Only 1-2 Areas

60 Minute Massage

  • Great for Full Body
  • Can Target 3+ Areas

90 Minute Massage

  • Our Longest Session
  • Targets Most Areas

Hot Stone Massage

  • 90 Minute Session
  • Hot Stone Therapy

Our Massage Technique

Our highly trained licensed massage therapists can perform several massage techniques to personalize your massage experience.

Therapeutic Massage

Using a combination of massage techniques, your massage therapist will work to eliminate muscle adhesions and improve range of motion that may be preventing you from enjoying every day life.

Relaxation Massage

Using essential oils and flowing massage techniques, a relaxation massage is a great way to melt your stress away. Your therapist will provide a massage that focuses on your stress points for total body relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage

In a hot stone massage, your therapist will use warm stone to perform techniques that are designed to relax tight muscles. Your therapist may also alternate hot and cold stones to provide even more relief.

Prenatal Massage

A prenatal massage can help alleviate discomfort from pregnancy. We may position you on your side, on your back with a wedge pillow, or on your stomach with a special pillow to achieve as much comfort as possible.

TMJ Specific Massage

This involves actually massaging your jaw muscles using a technique which releases tension in the temporomandibular joint to alleviate jaw pain, headaches, or other symptoms caused by TMJ.

Other Techniques

Our massage therapists also have experience with other effective massage techniques, such as: trigger points, connective tissue, neuromuscular, la stone, active isolated stretching and aromatherapy.

About Us

Springbrook Wellness has been the best place to get a massage in Kenosha since 2008. Our massage therapists are state licensed and have a complete massage therapy education.

While we continue to provide amazing massage therapy at Springbrook Wellness, we also head out of the building to patron local events such as the Kenosha Expo and Kenosha Harbor Market. We've also made great partnerships and charitable donations to local Kenosha establishments.

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The Therapists

Meet our incredible team of professional massage therapists.

Kristin Nieze

Owner, Massage Therapist

Kristin started Springbrook Wellness, LLC to share professional massage therapy with Kenosha that's helped her so much over the years.

Cheryl Ketchum

Massage Therapist

Cheryl has 11 years of massage therapy experience working with Swedish, therapeutic, neuromuscular, mayofascial, and hot stone therapy.

Jamey Thompson

Massage Therapist

Jamey holds a degree in Biology and wanted to take advantage of her science background in a field that would truly benefit others.

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